A Little About Patricia

Patricias Wedding TreasuresPatricia has a backround in interior design. Her passion is creating events that sparkle with a vision to exceed expectations.

Patricia has trained with some of the best florists trainers in the business with ~Kay’s Flowers School in Dublin in 2014 and then successfully completing her training in various other florists throughout the Midlands.

Patricia has gained an excellent knowledge of what every bride needs and expects from her wedding flowers selection.

The knowledge to create fantastic bouquets, and wedding accessories  allow her to create a complete inspired design for every event.

Her specialty lies in her wedding designs. Patricia has always loved weddings: the sparkle and the glitz and glam of the whole day. She understands every couple are unique. She works with the couples to make their ideal dream wedding a reality.

She believes every wedding should be a magical event with the bride and  groom expressing  their own uniqueness through a range of wedding decor styles and exquisite floral designs.

When Patricia isn’t designing weddings she is creating floral arrangements for anniversaries, graduations, corporate events and various parties.

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